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    America’s Response to Refugees

    January 30, 2017
    refugee protest

    Protestors at JFK airport over the weekend, speaking out against President Trump’s executive order to halt refugees from coming to the U.S. until a proper vetting system can be put in place.

    Thoughts on Refugees Coming to America

    By: Andrea

    “All Mormons are welcome in Missouri! You’re welcome, too!”

    I giggled a little bit as I listened to Senator Kit Bond, a Republican senator from Missouri, warmly invite me to his home state. He reeked of tobacco and his thick midwest accent made his invitation sound more like, “All Marmons are welcome in Missour-a!”

    I was interviewing him for a legacy video I was creating for my boss, Sen. Bob Bennett, whose term was coming to an end that year. Sen. Bond was one of about forty senators and congressman I sat down and chatted with that fall day in 2010.

    It seemed like an odd thing to say, but there was a lot of history behind his invitation. Continue Reading

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