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White House Easter Egg Roll

    How to Get White House Easter Egg Roll Tickets!

    March 17, 2017

    Have you heard of the White House Easter Egg Roll? It’s basically a giant Easter themed festival/party that takes place on the South Lawn of the White House every Monday after Easter. This year’s Egg Roll is on April 17th. The tradition dates all the way back to the Rutherford B. Hayes Administration in 1878.

    I’m telling you, it is AWESOME! A party on the South Lawn of the White House? Trust me, you want to go.

    And you can go! Yep, you. On one condition . . . you either have to know a White House staffer who can get you tickets OR you can enter a ticket lottery. Tickets are totally free. But you only have until tomorrow to enter to get them!

    Obama Egg Roll

    White House Easter Egg Roll

    Yep, that’s me (Brittany). Get in a good laugh! White House staffers got the “privilege” of dressing up in the infamous egg costumes. My back would ache for days after wearing this thing . . . I’ll have to tell you more about it later.


    If you happen to get tickets through the lottery and you live in Washington, D.C., lucky you! If you win tickets and you don’t live near Washington, D.C., trust me, it’ll be worth every penny to go. How often do you get to celebrate Easter on the South Lawn of the White House?

    We’re talking egg relays, games, concerts (the last year I volunteered, Justin Bieber was there. I didn’t even know who he was and couldn’t figure out why hundreds of little girls were screaming for him), and story time with celebrities!  Not only will your kids love it and remember it forever, but you will too.

    Click here to enter the lottery to get tickets.

    The lottery closes tomorrow, Saturday, March 18th. Don’t miss your chance at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

    Again, go here to enter and while you’re there check out the other national parks you need to enter a lottery for to get tickets. Ticket winners will be announced on Friday, March 31st.


    White House Easter Egg Roll volunteers

    My awesome friend Lindsay and I volunteering at the Egg Roll our last year living in Virginia. Fun doesn’t begin to describe it!

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