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U.S. Presidents 101

    The President Who Worked Himself to Death

    March 29, 2017

    Of all the one-term presidents our country has had, our 11th president probably has the bragging rights of getting the most accomplished in a single term. Dubbed our first “Dark Horse” president, James Polk was also considered the last strong president before Abraham Lincoln.

    This guy was the epitome of a workaholic. In fact, historians claim that he was the hardest working president our country has ever seen. No golf trips for this guy. He basically thought that leisure was a sin for any serious president. He was all about putting in the long hours and as a micro-manager, he personally oversaw several federal agencies himself.

    To take that workaholic thing to an even deeper level, he had gas lights installed at the White House just so that he could work through the night, which he did often.

    That’s our 11th president, James Polk, in a nutshell. He’s our president of the week. Keep reading to find out how this guy is still making the news, even just this week.

    President Polk

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