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    The Teacher I Never Got to Thank

    May 10, 2017
    teacher appreciation week

    Brittany, Ms. Marie Halpin, and our buddy (and yearbook classmate) Jill

    Andrea, Ms. Marie Halpin, and our buddies (and yearbook classmates) Sommer and Jillinda


    Can I tell you something? I hated high school. Like really, really hated it.

    Some people thrive and blossom in high school and remember it as the best years of their life. But it was not that time or place for me.

    Let’s just say I was a work in progress. I was shy and self-conscious with a lot of learning about myself to do, and high school isn’t exactly a time of life I look back on fondly.

    So when a brief thought popped into my head recently that I should reach out to my former high school yearbook teacher, I kinda didn’t pay it much attention.

    It would have been so easy.

    “Look her up. Send a note,” the thought persisted. Continue Reading

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