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Senate Rule 19

    Senate Rule 19: Learning to Play Nice

    February 10, 2017
    Senator Bob Bennett

    Walking through the underground tunnels with Senator Bennett to get to a meeting.

    By: Andrea

    There is a room in the U.S. Capitol building where only senators can enter.

    Senator Bob Bennett, a republican, used to tell me stories about that room as we’d walk down the long underground tunnels connecting his office building to the Capitol.

    He would often sit down for lunch in that room with then-Senator Joe Biden, a democrat. “He’d talk about Catholicism, and I’d talk about being a Mormon,” said Sen. Bennett. “Joe Biden knows all about the Mormon church.”

    Senators often head to that room to escape their staff, eat lunch, or relax in between votes. But, Sen. Bennett explained, over the years the more states elected senators on extreme sides of the aisle, the less cordial and friendly that room became. Continue Reading

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