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    Checking and Balancing those Pesky Executive Orders

    February 6, 2017

    Trumps signs Exec Order

    And a Thing or Two about Twitter

    By: Andrea

    “Don’t they realize he wasn’t actually the one tweeting? It was his press secretary!” I exclaimed to my coworker as we watched the news pour in after a State of the Union address several years ago.

    A reporter was slamming a congressman over a disparaging message he had “disrespectfully” tweeted from his front row seat in the Capitol, while the president was delivering his prime time speech.

    Gone are those days though. Now “live tweeting” the SOTU is apparently the norm these days.

    But my point, at least at the time, was while just about every politician has a Twitter account, most of the time they aren’t actually the ones tweeting. Of course, we can think of a few instances where this isn’t true. But for most politicians (at least the ones who like to play it safe), it’s their press team doing it for them. Continue Reading

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