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    “The City of Presidents” and A New Years Resolution

    January 16, 2017
    By: Brittany

    Liv and James at Ronald Reagan’s statue in downtown Rapid City.

    I’m definitely a big city kind of girl. The skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle, sights and sounds of coming and going, the shopping, the eating, the lights, the feeling of something always happening–I love it all! Ironically, I now live in the smallest town I’ve ever lived in. With nearly 70,000 residents, Rapid City is by far the smallest place I’ve ever lived.

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  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir On the World Stage

    January 4, 2017

    A Reaction to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Singing at the Inauguration By: Andrea   Have you ever had an issue totally get under your skin, even though you completely understood both sides of the argument? But the…

  • Potomac Fever and Career Politicians

    December 6, 2016

    By: Brittany When I first moved to Washington, D.C. I was a junior in college and had just landed an internship at C-SPAN (nerd alert!). On my first visit there a year or two prior, I…

  • Civility Wins: An Election Day Response

    November 19, 2016

      The American Moms website was inspired by post-election day reaction. You saw it, right? The response was explosive. We wanted to just turn away, but couldn’t. So many people were outraged, in tears, confused, and some just…

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