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How to Get a Lifetime National Park Pass for Cheap!

August 16, 2017

Senior Citizens National Park pass

Do we have any National Park enthusiasts? We know you’re out there!

That’s our parents up there in that photo at Mount Rushmore National Memorial with some of their grandkids. And as much as they don’t like to admit it, they now fit into the dreaded “Senior Citizen” category. They love exploring our beautiful country, especially with grandchildren in tow.

Speaking of which… we spotted a pretty outstanding deal going on right now for your parents (or grandparents) who fit into this same senior citizen category that we had to share with you.

Through August 28th, those senior citizens can get a LIFETIME pass into all national parks and federal recreation lands for just $10! After the 28th, it jumps to $80.

This is the first time the government has increased the price since 1994. The change is part of legislation that was passed last year by Congress.

To learn more about the pass and the changes, click here.

To purchase your senior citizen pass online, click here.*

To purchase it in person, find a list of the sites here.

The America the Beautiful Pass, as their senior citizen pass is known, gets you into more than 2,000 federal sites.

The deal covers all entrance fees and day use recreation fees. It also provides discounts on some expanded amenity recreation fees.

So, if you don’t fit the bill of a 62 year old or older, there’s still some benefits in it for you!

If you do a lot of traveling with your parents or grandparents, like we do, traveling companions can also enter for FREE!

Those senior passes admit the pass owner(s) and their passengers (up to three adults, and all children under 16) in at no extra charge. Pretty cool, right?

So, there you go. Travel with the entire family and everyone wins.

*As is the case with most online orders, there’s an added processing fee of $10, which actually brings the pass to $20.

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